All Mor Thai’s treatments are meticulously designed to take our customers to the height of relaxation and relieve stress.


Back, Neck and Shoulders

An efficient service targeting the three most common areas of discomfort; the Back, Neck and Shoulders. Your therapist will melt away the tension with directed pressure and strokes, soothing the muscle fibres with warm oil. This treatment is the perfect way to release tension after a busy day in the office. 

Mor Thai

Thai Foot Massage

The feet are a crucial part of everyday life. The Thai Foot Massage with Reflexology’s main focus is to help relieve the tension built up over time in the lower part of the leg. Thai Foot massage is believed to promote oxygenation of tissue to several major organs connected through energy pathways from reflexology points in the feet.

Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is a combination of acupressure and ancient, authentic, assisted-stretching techniques. Traditional Thai massage is oil free and very popular throughout Thailand as an authentic and ancient massage style.

Hand pouring oil for massage in spa

Thai Oil Massage

The Thai Oil massage utilities traditional Thai methods of massage using luxurious warm oil. Utilising the hand and elbows to stroke and stimulate the muscle fibers through the back, neck and shoulders, to melt away the tension. This is followed by traditional Thai stretching techniques to help increase circulation and flexibility through the lower body.


Aromatherapy Massage

The gentle and therapeutic Aromatherapy relaxation massage. Beautiful aroma scents gently bring you into a state of total calm and relaxation. Effective to still the mind and increase blood flow and circulation. A perfect way to wind down after a busy or stressful day. Your choice of one of our divine essential oils will be added, subject to availability at the time of your booking.

Deep Tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a specialised style of massage aimed at applying pressure throughout the numerous layers of muscle and soft tissue of the body. Stimulating blood flow into the deep connective tissue to re-hydrate and smooth adhesion’s and scar tissue build up within the muscle fibres to release locked and frozen areas of the body. Make sure to mention any areas of focus to your therapist at you next booking.

Beautiful pregnant brunette woman with long hair enjoying back massage in a beautician room. Top view

Pregnancy Massage

Please note: for you and your babies safety we do not recommend any massage until post second trimester or after fourteen weeks into your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage is a refreshing relaxation massage performed with the mother to be laying on her side with a specialized pregnancy pillow for added comfort. A light to medium pressure is used to help increase positive energy and circulation in a gentle and warm atmosphere. Your therapist attends to the areas of discomfort that are common, helping to increase mood, relaxation and well-being through this special time.

Remedial massage

Remedial Massage

(HICAPS) Private Health Fund Rebate available.

This popular massage utilises an intimate knowledge of the muscle anatomy to stimulate healing and recovery. Known to boost immunity, the Remedial massage is perfect to help relieve soreness, tension and muscle pain. Finished with hot stones place throughout specific points of  the back to further melt away any remaining tension in the body.

Beautiful young woman having back massage close up

Mor Thai Signature Massage

The Mor Thai Signature massage is our Signature massage utilising hot aromatic herbal compression balls that help knead and melt away tight, sore muscles. Warm oil massage is then performed to further invigorate and strip away knots and sore areas until your body is left feeling rejuvenated and completely pampered. This service can be claimed on Hicaps Private health insurance.


Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone massage is performed with perfectly heated, smooth volcanic stones placed throughout the bodies pressure points to warm and stimulate the muscle and allow for unmatched relaxation. Followed by a luxurious warm oil massage to stimulate increased oxygenated blood flow through the body for a truly refreshing experience.